MFM-50 series Gas mass flow controller

MFM-50 series Mass Flow Meter (MFM) is used for high-precision measurement of gas flow. The series of MFM is based on the industry’s advanced MEMS flow sensor chip and the aviation aluminum polished gas flow channel, combined with core calibration and compensation algorithm, suitable for high-precision detection of a variety of clean and dry gases. Its typical precision is ±1.5%, measurement range ratio is better than 500:1, and the range can be customized (from 50 SCCM to 300 SLM). In addition, MFM-50 series is equipped with LCD display and digital output, which is convenient for users to debug on site and remotely. The product is low cost, easy to install and does not require temperature and pressure compensation.


Wide measuring rangesMicroHigh precision
Low pressure dropSmall sizeFast response

Technical Data

Model Number: /

Current signal: 4-20mA

Accuracy: ±1.5% F.S. 

Repeatability: 0.25%

Flow range: 0~100SLM

Range ratio: 500:1

Flow rate and pressure loss: <100Pa

Pressure: 0~0.6MPa


Micro gas mass flowmeter

Dateiformat P D F

Application Area

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