GMFC-T2 series Gas mass flow controller

The GMFC-T2 series mass flow controller is an intelligent, high-precision gas flow controller product designed for industrial special gas applications. This product uses high-speed sampling processing technology and digital compensation algorithms, and is equipped with imported Electromagnetic proportional valve, 316L stainless steel gas circuit seat, high-precision flow sensor, etc., have the characteristics of high accuracy, fast response speed, and good stability. In terms of output, it has an industrial-grade LCD touch screen with functions such as flow setting, instantaneous flow and cumulative flow display. The output signal can be selected: 4-20mA and 0-5V analog signal, and RS485 and other digital communication methods


Wide measuring rangesMicroHigh precision
Low pressure dropSmall sizeFast response

Technical Data

Model Number: /

Current signal: 4-20mA

Precision: 1%F.S

Operating temperature: 0~50℃

Flow range: 0~10SLM

Work pressure: 0~1MPa

Resolution: Lowest 0.01SCCM

Response time: ≤1S


Micro gas mass flowmeter

Dateiformat P D F

Application Area

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