CX-WGFM wet gas flowmeter

The wet gas flow meter fucntion upon the principle of positive displacement.The sample gas stream rotates a measuring drum within a packing fluid,usually water or low viscous oil,A needle-dial and counting mechanismcoupled to the rotating drum,records the volume of gas flow as it sequentially fills and empities from the drum rigid,fixed volume measuring chambers


Wide measuring rangesCorrosion resistanceHigh precision
Low pressure dropSmall sizeFast response

Technical Data

Model Number: CX-WGFM

Accuracy: 1.0%

Drum capacity: 2L,5L,20L

Pressure in rated flow: 80Pa

Top flowrate: 300,700,1000L/H

Normal pressure: 1000Pa

Min scale value:0.01L/0.025L

Flow Range: 200,500,2000L/H


CX-WGFM wet gas flowmeter-----

Dateiformat P D F

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