Modular ultrasonic flowmeter

The water meter adopts ultrasonic propagation phase and time differ- ence measurement technology, which has the remarkable character- istics of high precision, low power consumption, wide measurement range ratio, stability and reliability. It can be widely used in urban water supply pipeline, household water consumption summary table, water resource water intake monitoring, farmland irrigation, as well as a variety of industrial sites.


Wide measuring ranges

LCD displayl

High precision
Low pressure dropSmall sizeFast response

Technical Data

Model Number: \

Protection grade: IP68

Signal output: OCT output

Communication protocol:MBUS,MODBUS,ASCII,CJ188

Range ratio: 100:1

Temperature class: T30

Work environment: -25℃~55℃

working pressure: <1.6 MPa

Clip on Ultrasonic Flowmeter(图1)

Clip on Ultrasonic Flowmeter(图2)

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