CX-VAFM Micro Metal Tube Float Flow Meter

micro metal tube float flow measurement, which can measure liquid, gas or steam, the principle is variable area type.Measuring parts are consists of a conical measuring tube and float,which features are firm, stable and various application.Connection with horizontal or vertical connection connection, also matching the pressure regulator (constant flow valve) of outlet pressure and inlet pressur, widely be used in Small flow measurement and process control of process oil, chemicals, chemical fiber, steel, food, light industry, pharmaceuticals and other industries.


Wide measuring rangesLCD displayHigh precision
Low pressure dropSmall sizeFast response

Technical Data

Model Number: CX-VAFM

Signal output: 4~20mA/HART 

Working pressure: 2.5MPa/6.4MPa,Max13MPa

Protection grade: IP65

Meauring range:Water0.3~100L/h,Air5~3400L/h

Environment temperature: -25~65℃

Range ratio: 10:1

Meteria: aluminium alloy

Metal Rotameter widely used in petroleum and chemical industries

Metal tube float flowmeters are widely used in the process of flow measurement under complicated and harsh environmental conditions and various media conditions such as petroleum, chemical industry, power generation, food, water treatment, etc.

petrochemical industry sewage disposal Steel smelting power plant

Vertical, horizontal and various installation methods are  suitable for different occasions

Liquid crystal display, instantaneous flow / cumulative flow displayed on the same screen, with backlight

The float and indicating part of the flowmeter rely on the  internal magnetic coupling transmission of the float,  and the float is easy to disassemble and convenient for  maintenance. All metal structure, suitable for high temperature, high  pressure and strong corrosive media.     The float can be taken  out by removing the  snap ring for easy  cleaning

• Metal structure, solid and stable • Compact structure • Small pressure loss • New type of magnetic coupling structure to keep output signal stable • Air damp device and magnetic filter can be installed easily based on  user's requirement • Heat preservation cover Measuring parts can be made of different  material to meet differrent needs. • Meter can stand high temperature and prssure,and can also be used  in atrocious environment and corrosiveliquid.

CX-VAFM Micro Metal Tube Float Flow Meter(图8)

CX-VAFM Micro Metal Tube Float Flow Meter(图9)

CX-VAFM Micro Metal Tube Float Flow Meter(图10)


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