CX-HS-5 High speed metering pump

Cement grinding aid, papermaking auxiliary, defoamer, emulsifier, water glass, flame retardant, catalyst, hydrogen peroxide, traditio- nal Chinese medicine extract, textile dye, chemical auxiliary, surfa- ctant, oxidant, scale inhibitor, hard fat Acid, triethanolamine, yeast, lactic acid, curing agent, acidic solution, alkaline solution, coater adhesive, brine, desulfurizer, pulp, film, tape, aluminum-platinum laminating machine, glue, glue, food filling , transport, metering, measuring most fluid media in the range of 0-14PH, etc...


Corrosion resistanceHigh viscosityHigh precision
Low pressure dropNo pulsationHigh temperatur-e resistance

Technical Data

Model Number: CX-HS-5

Accuracy: ±0.5%

Working pressure: 0-2.5MPa

Main material: 304SS,316SS,316LSS,2205

Flow range: 120L/H 

Viscosity range: ≤20000CP

Import and export size: G1/2

Working tempertu: -10~315℃


Application Area

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