Magnetostrictive liquid level meter

Magnetostrictive liquid level gauge is mainly composed of electronic head, detection rod and float.The detection rod is composed of three coaxial circular tubes: the outer tube is made of anti-corrosion material to provide protection;The intermediate round pipe can be equipped with one or more temperature sensors according to requirements; The most central is the waveguide, which is internally composed of waveguide wires made of magnetostrictive materials. A float containing a magnet changing with the liquid level is equipped outside the detection rod of the liquid level instrument.


Wide measuring ranges

LCD displayl

High precision
Low pressure dropSmall sizeFast response

Technical Data

Model Number: \

Protection Level:probe IP68,meter IP65

Measuring range: Rigid rod type 0.1~5m

Accuracy: ±1mm or 0.1%, 

Medium temperature: -40~100 ℃

Working pressure: -0.05~10MPa

Medium viscosity: <0.8 pas

Output signal:4~20mA

Hydrostatic Level Sensor(图1)

Hydrostatic Level Sensor(图2)

Hydrostatic Level Sensor(图3)

Hydrostatic Level Sensor(图4)

Hydrostatic Level Sensor(图5)

Hydrostatic Level Sensor(图6)

Hydrostatic Level Sensor(图7)

Hydrostatic Level Sensor(图8)


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